Factors That Can Affect Your Residential Roofing Quote

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It can be disheartening to discover that the quote you’ve received for residential roofing is higher than what you expected based on what someone you know may have paid in the past. Of course, it could have swung the other way, too, which is definitely delightful. Whichever way it went, you may be wondering why there is such a disparity even if you did call the same residential roofing contractor that they did. Here are a few factors that can affect your residential roofing quote. Your contractor would be happy to discuss what has contributed to the difference, as well.

  • Height of Your Roof- The higher the roof is off the ground, the more safety becomes a factor. Due to added risk and more involved safety protocols, any contractor is going to charge more to compensate. In addition, getting the materials up onto the roof can be more labor-intensive. If you have a two-story home, for example, your quote will likely be higher than for someone who only has a one-story home.

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  • Material You Choose- There are many price points when it comes to residential roofing materials with even within one type of material. Not only is style a price factor, but also color in some instances. The demand for certain materials can also affect the price. If you are attempting to stay within a budget, ask your residential roofing company which materials will best fit your budget.
  • Timing- Your residential roofing contractor can experience large variances in the costs for materials, labor, and supplies. Timing during the year and from month to month can explain why your quote is higher than someone else’s was a while back. There can be price variations because of conditions and price changes anywhere along the supply chain, including manufacturing, freight, distribution, and so forth.

Here at Quality Home Solutions, we pledge to quote you the best price we possibly can for residential roofing. We are more than willing to go over your quote with you and let you know if are any options that could better suit your budget. We are completely dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction with the work we perform. Since we offer free, no-obligation estimates, you can be fully informed before making a decision about your residential roofing. Call today to learn more.