5 Factors That Affect the Lifespan of Commercial Roofing

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It is always wise to choose a roofing material based on the expected lifespan. Each manufacturer of commercial roofing gives an estimate based on their testing. The important thing to remember is that testing can’t factor in every situation and may apply only to ideal or average situations.  Hence, you can’t be certain you’ll achieve those lifespans. Here are five factors that can affect the lifespan of commercial roofing that you should be aware of:

1.    Quality of the Installation – Not every commercial roofing installation is top-notch. It may look great at the onset, but a problem can show itself down the road. Choose your commercial roofing contractor carefully, as you’ll want one that offers quality work and stands behind their workmanship.

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2.    Keep Up with Maintenance – You can choose the highest quality commercial roofing materials and installation professionals possible, and still not achieve long-lasting commercial roofing if you neglect maintenance. Take care of any small leaks immediately, and you’ll stand a better chance of them not resulting in complete roof failure. In addition, be sure to replace damaged shingles, trim trees away from your roof, and keep debris from settling on the roof to prevent premature failure.

3.    Climate and Weather Conditions – The estimated lifespan that manufacturers provide is based on average weather conditions. If your climate is more of an extreme or you experience severe weather, your commercial roofing may not achieve their estimated lifespan. Ask your local commercial roofing professional which roofing products work the best for your area and how long they feel it will last based on your climate.

4.    Type of Commercial Roofing – Every product has a different lifespan, so be sure to discuss which materials will give you the life expectancy that you are 1shooting for.

5.    Ventilation – While the heat of the sun affects commercial roofing, the heat from underneath can also be detrimental. To avoid this, be sure your building has proper ventilation to keep the roof cool. That way, it won’t break down as quickly and you’ll avoid losing several years of performance.

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