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Keep water away from your home with the right downspout extension.

While you might see gutters only as something that you have to clean, the role that they play in protecting your property is an essential one! Your gutters gather and shuttle rainwater to a place away from your home’s foundation. This helps to prevent flooding, water damage, and even cracks in your foundation. An integral part of your gutters are the downspouts, where all the water collects from the gutters and heads towards the ground. If you experience days of heavy rain or periods of constant rain, you might find that your downspout needs some additional help from a downspout extension.

Downspout Extension in Mooresville, North Carolina

A downspout extension serves to extend your downspout even further away from your home. This is great for times of heavy rain or just to keep moss or mold from growing in areas where your downspout splashes a bit of extra water. Downspout extensions come in a variety of different forms, from flexible, accordion-style options to metal lengths of tubing that can be buried underground. Depending on the grading of your land, landscaping needs, and personal preference, you can get a downspout extension that will work to shuttle water away from your home safely.

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