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The downspouts on your home or business are as critical as the gutters.

There may be a lot of attention given to the gutters on a house but often it is the downspouts that are overlooked. At Quality Home Solutions, our more than a decade of experience with roofing, gutters, and downspouts has shown us what can happen when any one of the three falls into disrepair or isn’t working as it should.

Downspouts in Mooresville, North Carolina

The gutters can be catching the runoff, but without being directed properly, you can still experience foundation issues, erosion, and water damage to your Mooresville, North Carolina home or commercial property. Depending on the slope of your property and the permeability of the soil, it may be necessary to add extensions to your downspouts to be sure the water ends up far from the foundation.

When the gutters pull away from the house because they’ve been weighed down by leaves and debris, the fascia board can be damaged or even pulled loose along with the gutters. When the downspouts pull away, they can damage the siding on your home creating an opening for water, insects, and sometimes small animals, such as mice and rats.

Another issue we have run into is when a home doesn’t have a sufficient number of downspouts. When that happens, any heavy rain can overwhelm the existing downspouts. The rainwater will then overwhelm the gutters and flow over the sides.

If you would like the gutters and/or downspouts inspected at your home or business, give us a call to schedule an appointment. We can also replace older systems with something new, highly functional, and beautiful. Call today to learn more.

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